Our next study year starts in February 2023. Applications are now open!

Included in this course is a comprehensive array of  subject areas:

  • Psychology/Counseling/Empathic Listening Skills/NLP
  • Living Anatomy
  • Hospital Etiquette/Infection Control/Clinical Attire, Security and Codes/Self Care
  • Introduction to Death and Dying and Palliative Care
  • Music Therapy practices for mental health services and rehabilitation,
  • Terminology, Principles, Concepts and Applications of Therapeutic Music
  • Scientific Developments in Sound Research
  • Information on the Complimentary Modalities used in Healthcare Facilities
  • Development of Presentation and Business skills as a Therapeutic Musician
  • Acoustics/Cymatics and Introduction to the Theories of Resonance
  • Music Development – including repertoire, improvisation, composition, balancing energies with sound, and music to be used in your  internship
  •  In-depth Resonance Studies
  • Inclusive Attention
  • Subtle Energy Work
  • Hospice and Palliative Care further training
  • Music Development on developing Individualized Resonance-based music for clients and patients and additional repertoire used in therapeutic settings
  • Independent study with Supervisor

Students have access to:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Independent study with supervisor
  • Evaluations and mentorship on DVD study  and coursework (10 hours)
  • Internship Experience
  • Downloads to music, research and support materials

Videos and Books

The required Creative Harping Video Series DVDs may be purchased separately as DVDs or as streaming video. If you purchase DVDS, consider saving shipping costs by purchasing several DVDs or the entire series at once. Subscribe to the streaming video and save 15% in the price, and no shipping fees!

View the IHTP Reading list for the required and elective texts.

Graduates of other therapeutic music programs (OPG)

Music therapists, certified clinical musicians, music-thanatologists, and graduates of other therapeutic music programs who seek IHTP certification just pay for Module 2. This covers an audit review of Module 1 through our PDF supplements as well as our Module 2 Resonance Studies (in-person attendance required), mentor fee and Independent Study. Find out more in the Student Handbook.

Room and Board for the Experiential Specialty Modules (ESM)

Note: Tuition does not include room and board, books,  travel expenses, special Internship offerings or the International Harp Therapy Professional Development Gatherings.