Welcome to the International Harp Therapy Program Australia

The Harp Therapy Program, established in 1990, by Christina Tourin, is the leading course in teaching the skills necessary to be a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner.

This course now runs as an affiliate program here in Australia. It comes with full support from the original course, with the added advantage that we can now have local teaching and mentoring available to our students.

Whether you are an experienced or beginner harpist this program has something to offer you.

Modules 1 and 2 will be presented and taught locally in a blended format of online and experiential workshops.

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Our Program will teach you:
How to improvise;
How to work with sympathetic resonance;
How the harp can offer therapeutic help and support during recovery and/or difficult phases in life;
How to create a method using the harp with people who have difficulty communicating;
How to work in a group situation with the harp;
How to inspire a disabled person to play the harp for relief from symptoms and for pleasure;

Student Handbook

The International Harp Therapy Program will lead you step by step to become a Harp Therapist as it teaches you:
To understand musical intervals and modes to help with improvisation.
How to communicate therapeutically and to empathically listen,
NLP and Transactional Analysis skills to support and enhance your work with individuals and groups,
The skill of working in a hospital and hospice.
The importance of correct posture using the Alexander technique.
To understand basic anatomy and how sound and vibration have an effect on the body,
The difference between Music Therapy and Harp Therapy.
To understand and experience the power of sympathetic resonance for the relief and comfort of others.
The pleasure to be gained from interactive harp playing,
To enhance and develop your own musical skills.
How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

IHTP offers you:
A substantially/penetrating course, that has continually been proven in the US since the nineties and is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM).
Experienced teachers who will guide you through the diverse modules.
Experienced Mentors to help with all homework assignments,
A supportive working environment to help you get started professionally,
The opportunity to reach people and all sentient beings with your harp playing, at a very deep level,.
A powerful path for your personal growth and development
A choice to study either in person or via our home-study option.

Modules 1 and 2.

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