Louise Bell

After playing and studying piano and music theory from an early age, Louise took up folk harp while completing a Certificate in Sound Medicine with Creative Horizons Healthcare [Sydney] in 2000, a course exploring vibrational medicine and the healing capacities of music, especially harp. Louise is a 2019 graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program. As well as playing for and with residents in Aged Care, she is a Mentor to current students of this comprehensive and inspiring course of study.

A gifted and versatile musician – performing, composing, recording and teaching – Louise’s primary influences are classical, sacred, folk, jazz, ambient and world music. Passionate about music as an agent of transformation, she accompanies her powerful, ethereal voice with a treasured collection of beautiful acoustic instruments. Louise performs at concerts, ceremonies, workshops, retreats, and various venues such as restaurants and galleries. Solo / Ma Belle Duo [with Dave Marett] / Rapunzel’s Party [a 6-member women’s band].

Louise has taught music for over a quarter of a century! Piano, then gradually adding harp, voice and percussion. Teaching is currently offered on the Zoom platform. “Louise Bell is one of those very gifted musicians who brings music teaching full circle. Not only does she have innovative ways of teaching theory as well as dedication to her teaching, but she is an incredible composer and a musician of very high quality. As a pianist, singer and harper, she brings it all to you. Definitely if you want to learn something new that has an exciting sound, turn to her!”

Christina Tourin, Director, Int’l Harp Therapy Program

Louise’s CD Troubadour d’amour is an album of original harp music: 60 minutes of Sound Soothing for the Soul!  $20 within Australia / $25 internationally, including postage. Please email for details. Digital tracks can be purchased on iTunes.

Membership: Full ATHA membership Since: 23/04/19

Speciality: Aged Care, Special Care Unit [Dementia}, End-of-Life Harp Vigils, Composing, Recording, Performing, Teaching

Website: louisebell.com.au

Mobile: 0421 252 881

Attending the IHTP study has been such a wonderful experience! We all come in at different levels & harp experience, but we are encouraged to delve into the world of improvisation and flourish in our own unique ways.


Thanks to you all. I loved the laughter, the good food, the lovely welcoming house, the bush, the cats, the birds, the sharing of all sorts of ideas from wiki camping to what to play.


A huge thank you to Vimukti and Karel for your generous hosting. The food was beautiful, the workshops were so inspiring, I loved the silent walk in the beautiful landscape and it was wonderful catching up with everyone again and meeting new people.


Thanks to you and Karel for hosting us in your home and on your beautiful property, and making us all so welcome - it doesn’t happen without a lot of planning and effort! And it’s so important for us to get together!


It was so relaxing, inspiring, and delicious! Thanks again to the presenters - fabulous!


Most importantly for me, the IHTP learning is a journey into finding my creative expression and connecting in with my soul. My deepest gratitude to Christina, IHTP mentors and teachers who make this journey happen! With love & blessings.


The food was wonderful, company fantastic and the tent site was very comfortable.  It was such a relaxing and inspiring time.


For me, especially the double resonant training was eye-opening and was so interesting.


Loved the ESM sessions of playing along with recordings. That was plain, delicious, failure free fun.


I loved learning titbits from Louise and Christina about Jazz, Blues and Indian flavours I can explore later.


I got a lot out of the training. I am glad to be a part of the IHTP family.

Thank you so much for your dedication and work to putting this event together.


The ESM module is really packed - very intensive - with good teaching and learning materials. We were kept on our toes all the time with one activity after another. Thank you for the lovely ESM course.


Outstanding presentation, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.


I liked the teamwork you presented during the presentation by Christina, as she did speaking and AU team did slides, etc.

The experience in ESM was very interesting to me. I realized intentions actually transmit via zoom during the ESM sessions.


I was very touched by your presentation about therapeutic work with animals, Vimukti. Thank you for sharing your passion with animals and how important it is to be in the moment when we do this work.


Thank you so much for the wonderful support for the last module. I really appreciate your support during the module.

Thank you especially for the considerations for us non-native English speakers. The transcript helped me a lot when I wanted to review the classes.


The module study was intensive for us. Thank you for being so calm, composed and patient throughout, holding such a lovely space for us!


All I can say is what an amazing experience and fantastic job you all did putting the virtual ESM together! Thanks again.