Module 2 ESM Review

The IHTP Module 2 ESM was originally scheduled for April 2020, as an attendance ESM in Melbourne Australia. This was going to be the one to help IHTP students finish their training by December 2020 when the old campus was retiring. Covid 19 thrived and our lives were, and are, affected forever. IHTP students could not finish their training or their internship. Students had to think outside the box. Creative ways of finishing were necessary.

IHTP founder Christina Tourin also explored creative ways to help her students. The first ever Virtual Module 2 ESM was proposed. Who would have thought it could be possible to be able to teach how to find and work with resonance and double resonance? Christina did. And up to 27 people who attended the ESM over the two intensive long weekends, following nine weeks of prep lessons, experienced this possibility. Students in waiting can now finish their training, graduates get their CEUs and newer IHTP Affiliate students can continue without interruption.

I personally think having to have a virtual gathering showed the importance of setting INTENTION. It showed us that Intention is not limited to a physical understanding of it. We can feel it thousands of kilometres away; we can feel it without verbal communication; it is greater than the physical.

A virtual ESM meant students from the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, UK and Europe were able to come together. Judith Hitt joined us for discussion on setting Intention. Mentors popped in and out. We were visited by cats, dogs, children and soft toy madness!

I share with you some of the many comments from the participants to show what the event was like:

”Loved the ESM sessions of playing along with recordings. That was plain, delicious, failure-free fun. Ki Massage and Laura’s self-care tasks were valuable. I’d sprinkle them in during the course of the 4.5 hour ESM sessions. I liked doing this online! Yes, there are pros and cons. With our intentions focused as they were, I experienced numerous moments of unforgettable intimacy, language barriers notwithstanding!! It worked! I met harp players I would never otherwise meet. We did not have to be behind masks or travel with all that expense. (I love to travel, but this was so convenient.)”


“I thought the training was very good online, considering all the challenges and each were met as most humanly possible. People vs. technology! So much fun!!! I don’t know how you all did it, I couldn’t have. I got a lot out of the training. I thought for me it was more comfortable in many ways because I didn’t have to travel, adjust to a time change or any of the other environmental factors when away from home trying to work through an intense program. I am glad to be a part of the IHTP family.”


“On the way back to my time zone I sort through my many notes and documents, pause again and let the images of the last two weekends pass by. The various creative exercises have inspired me to develop my own ideas, the many inputs on resonant tone, improvising and working with humans as well as with animals were lively designed and have enriched my life. The application of what we have learned will only find its confirmation in practice which will enrich us with new insights. That is what I want to work towards. Thank you all for allowing me to participate! I really appreciated the virtual setting in that loving environment, supporting each other in its unique way.”


“It was sad for me to cancel my trip to Australia last year, but it was more than amazing we experienced with you, an ONLINE Module2 this time. Thank you very very much for your planning this Module2, ARIGATO! First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you, Vimukti, Christina, and all faculty in AU. You always think of us Japanese member speaking English as the 2nd language, thank you. I think we join this wonderful Module 2 happily, meaningfully, with your warmth. I feel Christina planted various seeds of creativity into our heart. Having creativity gives us confidence, then we respect each other more. I think if we have creativity, we try to let children, elderly people and others have creativity, also. So, we will be able to make happier circle by creativity planted by IHTP. We have got a lot of treasure from Christina and you all! Also, I was impressed by your great team work. Christina and the faculty of AU support each other, respect each other, which taught me a lot, too. If I were dying soon I would like to be with a harp practitioner who have thoughtful consideration, then listen sparse notes played with warm heart….. Through Module 2, Breaking rooms, Music with the drawing story, Animal therapy, made me notice a lot of things!! I would like to continue to work with you, IHTP if possible! Thank you, thank you!”


“All I can say is what an amazing experience and fantastic job you all did putting the virtual ESM together! Thanks again.”


On the 17th of April we have the traditional ESM final day where students perform their ESM composition. As a virtual gathering, mentors will also be able to attend.

Whether we meet face to face or virtually we now know the Module 2 ESM training can go ahead. From the administration side we have much to take away, adjustments to consider, successes to keep and mistakes to learn from.

Everyone who attended made this event a success and a joy to be involved in. Thank you. Finally, I would like to give recognition to and thank Christina Tourin for her great contribution and service to the world of Therapeutic Harp.

Love, Vimukti Warr

IHTP~AU Director

Here we are goofing off at the end!