Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cost? 
The tuition is $2250AUD per module and is to be paid in advance of attending the module.  In addition to tuition, you are required to purchase the video teaching series “Creative Harping” and a number of books.

What is a Module?
We have a two-module training program.

In module 1 we explore practices in Self-Awareness, Self-Development, learning about and working with Modes, Improvisation, Repertoire building, power of Intention +++.

In module 2 we go further into exploring how to find and work with Resonance, the Celtic Circle, the Chinese 5 Elements, working with groups and in one-to-one sessions, Internship +++.

Do I have to do both Modules?
You can take the module 1 training without doing module 2.

To take the module 2 training you need to have the module 1 training to proceed into this specialised module. Unless you have completed music therapy or another approved therapeutic harp training program, then you may be eligible to enrol as a OPG (Other Program Graduate) and go straight into module 2.

What if I only do Module 1?
Completing Module 1 will give you a good foundation of what is required to be a therapeutic harp practitioner. You will be able to apply these foundations in general therapeutic work. There is no certification for completing this module.

What do I get for completing Module 2?
Completing Module 2 will give you a deeper understanding of how to work with resonance in any setting to create and hold a cradle of sound. Being able to provide therapeutic harp for specialised group situations and specialising in therapeutic harp by the bedside which can also include interactive bedside work. You will have a Portfolio to present to possible employers.

Certification as a Therapeutic Harp Practitioner is given for completing this module.

Do I have to travel to take this course?
No. At this time IHTP-AU is offering training in live and recorded virtual classrooms. However, we believe that the most profound learning and experiences take place when we are physically together.  We look forward to opening our doors in 2023 where we can include live face to face attendance events for those who can attend. It is exciting to be able to offer this in addition to the virtual classroom.

How long does it take to complete the program?
Generally you should expect to take between two and three years to complete all the work of the program.  Some individuals take less time, and others, more.

What is the longest amount of time I can take to finish all requirements?
Although individual circumstances may vary, a student is expected to complete all program requirements within 2-3 years after attendance at Module 1.

Do I need to travel to complete my internship?
Generally students arrange an internship in a facility near to their home location.  Often these internships result in job opportunities.  There are some opportunities to do mentored internship hours with certified therapeutic harp practitioners.  This provides a great start for the student, particularly if the facility where they will complete their hours has never had a therapeutic musician.

What does my Mentor do for me?
Your mentor receives and reviews your submitted course work.  This includes listening to and evaluating your music recordings, reading and commenting on your papers and book reviews.  The mentor is also a person who cares about your progress and helps keep you moving forward in a timely basis.  From your tuition, a mentor is paid to work with you 71/2 hours per module.  If additional time is needed or desired by you, you may contract with your mentor to pay directly to the mentor for additional time.  The current rate of pay for the mentor is $45AUD per hour.

I’m new to the harp. Can I join the program and learn along the way?
If you are very new to the harp, you may wish to spend a while developing your technical skills and doing some music development. The program uses the video series “Creative Harping” by Christina Tourin for its lessons in independent study.  The Creative Harping series is perfect for very new harpists, although we do recommend that as a beginner, you have a qualified teacher to work with early on so that you learn solid fundamental technique.

How do I apply to the program?
The application form is available on this website. Review the application and when you are ready to apply, submit along with your non-refundable application fee.  Since the application fee is non-refundable, if you have concerns about your suitability for the program, please reach out to us via email.

What associations accept IHTP as a training provider?
IHTP meets the rigorous standards of both the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) in the USA and of the Australian Therapeutic Harpists Association (ATHA).