International Harp Therapy Program – Australia


As you contemplate enrolling in the program, please understand that when you are accepted into the IHTP, the program leaders, instructors and mentors take your success in the course, including the academics, musical growth, personal growth, and future opportunities as a Certified Therapeutic Harpist very seriously. We will invest considerable time and effort to help you achieve your goals. However, only you can do the work, so please carefully consider if this is the right time and opportunity for you.

Please review the Student handbook that is included on this site prior to completing your application.

Apply for the International Harp Therapy Program

IHTP-Australia prefers receiving the recordings, photo and other application information, electronically, via email application. If this is not possible, please contact Vimukti Warr for further instructions. Your application will be seriously considered by a committee. The $100 application fee is not refundable if you are not selected for entry to the program or in the event that you choose not to attend after acceptance.

If you are applying as an Other Program Graduate (OPG) and are seeking IHTP certification as a graduate from another accredited therapeutic music program, please submit documentation from the program including a copy of your certificate and title via email to

Required Submissions

  1. Please include two samples of your playing in MP3 format. a) A brief recording (3 minutes or less) in the A natural minor scale (Aeolian mode). Include a tune, for example Greensleeves, and a brief improvisation on the tune. b) A sample of your best playing (3 minutes or less). This can be any piece you have studied or performed, or your current favourite piece of music. Hint – this is to hear the level at which you’re comfortable playing, and the simplest arrangement can be beautiful and therapeutic.
  2. Include a character reference from a non-family member.
  3. Please include a photo with your application. (Passport size)

If you would rather complete the form in a Word Document, please send a message on the contact page so we can forward the application form to you.

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To pay online, please contact us via the Contact Us Page to receive the Bank Details.

To Pay via the website, please use the button below.

It is a single payment of AU$100 (+ PP fee = $103).